Watermelon Pink & Turquoise | Bridesmaid Outfits

When it comes to having a bridesmaid...the first thing any bridesmaid wants is for you, the bride, to be happy. Exactly what the wedding day is all about! A bridesmaids role is to help with planning, providing moral support and celebrating your special day!

My next shoot, I decided, was to give you some bridesmaid's outfit inspo.

Colour: The watermelon pink and turquoise blue give the piece a much needed, pop of colour! Perfect for bridesmaids. Elegant, playful and comfortable.

Cut/Style: I kept the cut a minimalistic A shape kameez. I paired it with a lace pajami. The lace gives the outfit texture and is slightly elastic. The elasticity ensures the pajami is a good fit.

Embroidery: I mixed a bit of bling and soft gold embroidery to finish the piece. You get the best of both worlds!

Accessories: I kept the accessories simple with kundan earrings and gold heels. The make up is done by the very talented Carissa Tan. The shimmer on the eyes and highlighter is everything! Please follow her page if you don’t already. The make up finishes the look really well.

Thanks all for reading and I hope this inspo will work for you too!

Kiran Lally xx